Wrap Care

The following maintenance tips will help keep your vehicle wrap looking great.


  • Do wash your vehicle wrap regularly, as pollutants or difficult stains that sit on the wrap for too long may become more difficult to remove.
  • Hand wash using a soft, clean cloth and a gentle car wash soap. Rinse with clear water after washing, and dry with a clean microfiber cloth.
  • Wash gently and do not use abrasive tools that could scratch the vinyl.
  • You can use two parts isopropyl rubbing alcohol to one part water, followed by an immediate rinse, to spot clean isolated stains.
  • Do wipe off fuel spills immediately, and then hand wash the area as soon as possible to avoid degrading of the vinyl.
  • Do keep an eye out for small imperfections like bubbling or lifting, and make us aware of them as soon as possible.


  • Don't go to brush car washes, which can degrade the film and dull the appearance. Brushless car washes (water spray only) are safer.
  • Do not pressure wash your vehicle wrap, as this can lift the edges of the graphic.
  • Don't use tire dressing to spot clean, as it may splash and stain the wrap.
  • Don't use solvents, oil based cleaners, kitchen/bathroom cleaners, oven cleaner, orange oil or engine degreaser on your vehicle wrap.
  • Don't wipe the wrap when it’s hot, as this could cause wrinkling of the wrap.
  • Don't park your vehicle outdoors for long periods of time. Excessive exposure to the elements can deteriorate the film. Park in a shaded area when possible.
  • Don't use an ice scraper on or near window graphics.

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